About Us


We are newly established job search portal with mission to emphasis on continuous improvement and total quality management via assistance from modern technology, we are dedicated to create trustworthy and efficient job market to perpetuate and fuel continued growth in job industry of Nepal in coming decades.

Why us

We have dozens of jobsite to choose from and choice normally spoil us. We are not claiming that we are totally different from the herd, we are just trying to offer the same service but at very efficient and easy to use method. Quality of the service at offer will be our greatest strength and can assure that we will get best out of us on proper planning.

What we do:

HR consultant

We at Genius Service provides one stop solution to your organization Human Resource Management needs ranging from recruitment to minute counselling. We have required set of skills and experience to perform HR consultant at fullest.


We have experience of successfully training more than 35,000 individuals and improved their productivity by many folds.


Our online job portal will take care of any organization recruitment needs in way better efficient and user-friendly steps than one can think of it.

Job Advertisement

Advertise the organization vacancy with assurance of finding right candidate for your organization. We are aiming for quality over quantity, to avoid over-crowding of job that might result in confusion and hinder candidate from applying for the position.

CV Search

We are aiming to offer thousands of high caliber candidates. Our system allows you to filter candidates to a specific criteria. We deal CVs in bulk or individually depending on your requirements. We can contact you as soon as we find the perfect CV is uploaded, incase our CVs does not satisfy your needs.


Once we know our client requirements, we give our best effort via both the dedication and technology to fulfill the demand.


We aim to add layer by layer a methodologically chosen job vacancies for our jobseeker. Our easy to use search feature allows jobseeker to choose the best match job within few minutes from hundreds of job on offer.

CV Database

Our state-of-art database help jobseeker to upload and store their CV at ease without any technical knowledge for the purpose. We have designed the architecture of the system to easily access thousands of CV in the database.


Honing your skill is the most appropriate and best method to increase your productivity and rise above the average. We will offer all the useful and productive training that could be offered.

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